Jason Beaulieu Makes it Two for Two at DIRTCAR Challenge in Yakima

Jason Beaulieu Makes it Two for Two at DIRTCAR Challenge in Yakima

April 5 -
Jason Beaulieu had a dominant victory in the Washington Modified Tour Main Event. A lap 7 restart gave Beaulieu the opportunity to pass race leader Jeffrey Hudson for the lead and he never looked back, building a near five second advantage in the late stages of the race. Grey Ferrando would run second with Jeremy Martin a strong third. Heat race wins went to Lawrence O’Connor, BJ Wild, Robert Jenner and Hudson. Larry Buchanon won the B Feature.

Washington Modified Tour
Heat 1 - Lawrence O’Connor, Don Jenner, Chris Beaulieu, Mike Steltz, Larry Buchanon, Kevin Smith, Travis Stevenson, Andy Gashow, James Wolford

Heat 2 - BJ Wild, Jeremy Martin, Brad Martin, Tiana Wild, Scott Wells, Kyler Moore, Donald Schott, Pat Merritt, Kersey Ferrando

Heat 3 - Robert Jenner, Grey Ferrando, Rick Smith, Sean Fox, Don Martin, Morgan Criswell, Louis Nutter Sr

Heat 4 - Jeffrey Hudson, Jason Beaulieu, Chad Groves, Craig Moore, Matt Jenner, Derek Campbell, Julian Braun, John Song

B Main - Larry Buchanon, K Smith, M Jenner, D Martin, K Ferrando, Wofford, Gasho, Stevenson, Song, Braun, Nutter Sr, Wells, Merritt, Criswell, Schott, K Moore, Campbell

A Main - Jason Beaulieu, G Ferrando, J Martin, Hudson, D Jenner, B Martin, R Jenner, Groves, D Martin, C Beaulieu, R Smith, B Wild, T Wild, C Moore, K Smith, Fox, O’Connor, Steltz, M Jenner, Buchannon

Lap Leaders - Hudson 1-6 J Beaulieu 7-25

Hard Charger - Don Martin +11

April 6 -

Jason Beaulieu made it two for two with the Washington Modified Tour over the weekend. Jason had the lead on lap one when Grey Ferrando spun out and bunched the field up for a restart. On the restart, Collen Winebarger took the top spot from Beaulieu and tried to stretch a lead. Beaulieu never let him get out too far, eventually closing to within a car length. The lead appeared to change on lap 18 when Beaulieu was passing for the lead before a caution came out. Winebarger would try to stretch his advantage on the restart, but Jason had found the fastest line around the ½ mile track and passed Winebarger for good on the 20th lap en route to the win. Winebarger and Brad Martin rounded out the podium. Ferrando, Winebarger, Beaulieu and Don Jenner won the heats. Chris Beaulieu won the B Main.

Washington Modified Tour
Heat 1 - Grey Ferrando, Craig Moore, Morgan Criswell, Adam Holtrop, Chad Groves, Mike Steltz, Derek Campbell, DQ - Matt Jenner (did not scale)

Heat 2 - Collen Winebarger, Robert Jenner, Rick Smith, Don Martin, Donald Schott, Tiana Wild, Jeffrey Hudson, Kersey Ferrando

Heat 3 - Jason Beaulieu, Brad Martin, BJ Wild, Jeremy Martin, Larry Buchanon, Travis Stevenson, Andy Gashow

Heat 4 - Don Jenner, Kyler Moore, Lawrence O’Connor, Kevin Smith, Chris Beaulieu, James Wofford, Sean Fox, Pat Merritt

B Main - Chris Beaulieu, Schott, M Jenner, Hudson, Steltz, T Wild, Buchanon, Fox, Wofford, Groves, Gashow, K Ferrando, Stevenson

A Main - Jason Beaulieu, Winebarger, B Martin, K Moore, D Jenner, O’Connor, Hudson, G Ferrando, J Martin, Schott, C Beaulieu, M Jenner, Holtrop, R Jenner, C Moore, D Martin, Criswell, B Wild, R Smith, K Smith

Lap Leaders - J Beaulieu 1 Winebarger 2-19 J Beaulieu 20-25

Hard Charger - Hudson +13

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