Winebarger Sweeps Weekend; Martin Crowned Champion

Winebarger Sweeps Weekend; Martin Crowned Champion

Yakima, WA - Collen Winebarger lived up to his Superman monikor by sweeping the weekend with the Washington Modified Tour at Central Washington State Fair Raceway. In the process of the evening, Jeremy Martin was crowned champion for the 2019 season.

Winebarger started seventh in the A Main but had worked his way up to third in the early stages of the feature. Disposing of Travis Peery, Winebarger ran down race leader Jon Debenedetti using the low side of the speedway and made the race winning pass on lap 13. Winebarger would lead the next 12 circuits unchallenged as he finished his sweep of the weekend. Peery would take second with Grey Ferrando coming from the B Main to finish third. Heat wins went to Martin, Debenedetti, Jimmy Lipke and Peery.

Chase Goetz came from last place to win the Sportsman Sprint Feature. Goetz picked up second place with eight laps to go and erased a two second lead that was held at the time by Colby Thornhill and made a daring last lap pass to score the win. Thornhill would settle for second with Dana Glenn taking third. Sean Johnson was fast time with the heat win going to Goetz.

Washington Modified Tour
Heat 1 - Jeremy Martin, BJ Wild, Kevin Smith, Brian Harding, Dan Butenschoen, Jason Butenschoen, Ron Comfort, Kersey Ferrando, Lane Zerbin, Mike Steltz
Heat 2 - Jon Debenedetti, John Campos, Rick Smith, Lawrence O’Connor, Graham Cook, Jerry Schram, Kevin Hanson, Roger Drake, David Wolford
Heat 3 - Jimmy Lipke, Collen Winebarger, Chris Beaulieu, Chad Groves, Brendan Schnitzer, Tyson Blood, Mike Sweere, Don Martin, Larry Buchanan
Heat 4 - Travis Peery, Scott Miller, Doug Elkins, Zack Simpson, Grey Ferrando, Kyler Moore, Tim Myers, Tiana Wild, Tyler Pagel, Pat Merritt
B Main 1 - Brendan Schnitzer, Blood, Sweere, Buchanan, Chris Quinn, K Ferrando, J Butenschoen, D Martin, D Butenschoen
B Main 2 - Grey Ferrando, K Moore, Cook, Schram, Myers, C Moore, Wolford, T Wild, Drake, Pagel, Merritt, Hanson
A Main - Collen Winebarger, Peery, G Ferrando, B Wild, Debenedetti, Campos, Simpson, K Moore, Beaulieu, J Martin, Groves, Schnitzer, O’Connor, Elkins, Blood, K Smith, Harding, R Smith, Miller, Like
Lap Leaders - Debenedetti 1-12 Winebarger 13-25

Sportsman Sprints
Fast Time - Sean Johnson15.726
Heat - Chase Goetz, Colby Thornhill, Dana Glenn, Michael Bollinger, Bert Johnson, Brett McGhie, Kevin Smith, Sean Johnson
Main - Chase Goetz, Thornhill, Glenn, Bollinger, B Johnson, Smith
Lap Leaders - Thornhill 1-19 Goetz 20

Friday, Sept 27

Yakima, WA - On a night full of speed, no one was faster than Collen Winebarger, who collected another Washington Modified Tour win at Central Washington State Fair Raceway on Friday night.

BJ Wild led the first few laps of the 25 lap A Feature for the Washington Modified Tour with Grey Ferrando in tow. Finding the outside of the track to his liking, Ferrando would roll around Wild for the top spot on lap four, but quickly come under fire from Winebarger, who had advanced to second from eighth. Using the bottom groove, Winebarger made the race winning pass on lap 11 and survived multiple restarts en route to the win. Wild would get back by Ferrando for second. Heat wins went to Winebarger, John Campos, Travis Peery and Rick Smith.

Colby Thornhill raced to his first sprint car win at the ripe old age of 14 on Saturday night, as the Sportsman Sprints were the support division at Central Washington State Fair Raceway. Thornhill swept around the outside of Brett McGhie on lap three for the lead and never looked back, winning his first feature just three races into the sprint car portion of his career.

Washington Modified Tour
Heat 1 - Collen Winebarger, Kevin Smith, Lane Zerbin, Matt Jenner, Jimmy Lipke, Craig Moore, Brendan Schnitzer, Roger Drake, Dan Butenschoen, Pat Merritt
Heat 2 - John Campos, Jeremy Martin, Kyler Moore, Brian Harding, Tiana Wild, Doug Elkins, Tim Myers, Jerry Schram, Tyler Pagel, Kevin Hanson
Heat 3 - Travis Peery, BJ Wild, Jon Debenedetti, Zach Simpson, Chad Groves, Jason Beaulieu, Don Martin, Kersey Ferrando, Jason Butenschoen, Tyson Blood (DQ - Did Not Report to Tech)
Heat 4 - Rick Smith, Grey Ferrando, Don Jenner, Larry Buchanan, Scott Miller, Lawrence O’Connor, Graham Cook, Mike Sweere, Mike Steltz
B Main 1 - Jimmy Lipke, Groves, Schnitzer, C Moore, D Martin, Chris Schwinn, Drake, D Butenschoen, J Butenschoen, Merritt, Beaulieu, K Ferrando
B Main 2 - Lawrence O’Connor, Schram, Miller, Cook, Blood, Elkins, Myers, T Wild, Pagel, Sweere, Hanson, Steltz
A Main - Collen Winebarger, B Wild, G Ferrando, Peery, Campos, M Jenner, D Jenner, Zerbin, Debenedetti, Groves, Schram, K Moore, Lipke, R Smith, Simpson, Buchanan, K Smith, O’Connor, J Martin, Harding
Lap Leaders - Wild 1-3 Ferrando 4-10 Winebarger 11-25

Sportsman Sprints
Fast Time - Sean Johnson 15.779
Heat - Dana Glenn, Colby Thornhill, Michael Bollinger, Sean Johnson, Bert Johnson, Kevin Smith, Brett Mcghie
Main - Colby Thornhill, S Johnson, Glenn, McGhie, Smith, Bollinger, B Johnson
Lap Leaders - McGhie 1-2 Thornhill 3-20

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